As an owner, are you…

  • Stymied trying to resolve issues with your board, managing agent or sponsor?
  • Held hostage by an entrenched board?
  • Penalized by unfair charges and assessments?
  • Ignored with regard to major fiscal decisions?
  • Denied information, whether a financial statement or a list of your fellow owners?
  • Faced with spending a fortune on legal action…just to assert your basic rights?

These are just some of the issues facing hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers, who want to safeguard their investments while improving quality-of-life in their communities.

ACCO is dedicated to helping owners address these issues through a combination of education and advocacy.

As a board member, are you…

  • Concerned about skyrocketing legal costs & frivolous lawsuits?
  • Frustrated that your fiscal plans are misunderstood?
  • Unappreciated by owners who don’t grasp how hard you work on their behalf?
  • Stuck with an intractable sponsor?
  • Disappointed that many complain, but few are willing to serve?
  • Eager to be more open with owners…but prohibited by your board peers?

These are just some of the issues facing board members in many buildings, despite their best efforts to be good fiduciaries & good neighbors.

ACCO is dedicated to helping board members improve governance, communications & harmony in their communities.