A key part of ACCO’s mission is education, & we concentrate on two types of outreach: large forums open to the public, & small group meetings organized at a community—or a building—level.


ACCO Forums are large-scale public gatherings aimed at all co-op shareholders & condo owners, including Board members.  The objective is to:  a) provide cursory education & orientation on many basic facts of apartment ownership & governance, &  b) allow attendees to pose questions to the expert panel.

Panelists at ACCO forums always include attorneys with extensive experience handling a wide range of condo & co-op matters by many means, including litigation.  While many lawyers spend at least some time on each side of the “fence,” we typically feature one attorney who primarily represents associations & Boards, & one who usually represents individual owners/shareholders.  The strong focus is on providing a balanced perspective on the issues.

Depending on the audience, we may also include legal experts from the office of the Attorney General, to speak—& field questions—on the particular matters in their purview.

Most ACCO forums are co-sponsored by local elected officials, including state senators, state assemblymembers, city councilmembers, town supervisors & mayors.  These officials, being familiar with their constituents, often serve as moderators.

Owners desiring a co-op / condo forum in their community may proceed in two ways:

  • Contact any of your own elected officials & say: “please sponsor an ACCO Co-op & Condo Forum in our neighborhood or town.”
  • Write to ACCO:  forums[at]

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Can’t get to a Forum?  See the video!

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