ACCO is a grass-roots organization formed by co-op & condo owners who realized no extant group focused on their unique interests.  Board members, agents & sponsors are all served by a host of organizations, publications, conferences & lobbyists…yet their interests do not always align with those of individual apartment owners/shareholders.  Most importantly, the voices of owners were not collectively heard by legislators, whether in City Hall, at county level, or in Albany.

Those voices are being heard now.  We believe ACCO is the most effective way for condo, co-op & HOA owners to present their needs, & to discuss their issues, with the elected officials & various agencies that govern the operation of our communities.  It’s the easiest & best way to lobby for constructive change.

ACCO is directed by a dozen committed individuals, each of whom owns & resides in a condo or co-op.  Notably, most ACCO directors have been board members & officers in their own buildings…or serve on their boards today.

ACCO has no paid staff.  All events are produced, communications written, & operations managed by ACCO members & directors on a volunteer basis.