Major Study on Condo Governance; Participants Needed

CUNY & U. Windsor Partner on Research…need input from:

  • Condo / Co-op Owners

  • Board Members

  • Agents



City University of New York (CUNY) is looking for Condo Owners, Board Members, or Property Managers in New York City for a university study of condo governance/living

Dr. Setha Low, a professor of Anthropology at CUNY Graduate Center, and Dr. Randy Lippert, a professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Windsor in Canada, are looking for condo owners, current or recent board members and property managers in NYC who want to participate in a new university research study called “Exploring Condominium Governance in Toronto and New York City”.  This university study is completely independent of any commercial or non-profit organizations or interests and is funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, an independent Canadian federal government agency providing research grants to study important social issues and trends.  It is not a commercial venture.  This study will form the basis for an independent report as well as publication of academic journal articles and eventually a scholarly book.  By comparing condo governance/living in Toronto and New York City this study has the potential to positively impact condo legislation, condo governance and condo living. Look at this Pre-Construction condos in Toronto.

According to real estate companies like Dr. Low and Dr. Lippert are currently looking for present or recent adult condo owners, board members, or property managers from NYC condos willing to volunteer to participate in this study by taking part in a one-time, approximately 30 minute, completely confidential personal (or telephone) interview.  Neither participants nor their condo building number/name/location will be identified to anyone or in the research results under any circumstances.  These researchers want to find out what condominium governance and living are like by talking to owners, condo board members, and property managers which can help  with your living needs, if you want to live on a house or an apartment, you can do renovations with Kitchen Renovations YVR Contracting which are experts at this.  Complete information about the study can be sent to you upon request and interview questions can be provided to you ahead of time if you like.

Contact Information

If this study interests you please leave a message with contact information by phone or e-mail:

Call: 212-817-1890 or Email

A graduate student member of the research team (Jenn or Helen) will then get back to you and can send you a detailed letter about the study and interview and/or they can answer any questions you may have about the study and the interview.

Draw With your participation you will be entered to into a draw to win a $250 gift card and receive copy of a report of the findings upon its completion!