ACCO has been a 100% volunteer effort since its founding.  Our rapid growth means we’re always ready to put members to work helping us achieve constructive change.

We believe all volunteers should do work they personally enjoy; see if one of these activities suits you:

Social media

If you’re expert in the latest communication tools, you can help us build a bigger, more effective grassroots network.  Then, help apply our network as a tool to reach our legislative objectives.


This includes everything from outreach to prospective members—in every form imaginable—to helping us master, customize & utilize tools for record-keeping & communications.  Whatever your skill set, we’ll find a way to put it to work!


ACCO works with legislators on every level.  We need members to write letters, make calls, & knock on their doors.  And, we especially need members skilled at teaching & organizing others to do these things.


Greet attendees at our public educational forums, assisting with registration & answering questions about ACCO.  OR, help organize & conduct our smaller “Coffee & Co-ops” / “Coffee & Condos” sessions in your building or neighborhood.

…and if none of these seem just right for you, contact us anyway—we’ll work with you to find a project that meets your needs & ours.  Just write:


Sincere thanks for your interest in ACCO, & for your commitment to the co-op & condo community!

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